WorldWatercolorGroup February challenge: Day 10 to 17

Another week and a few more Worldwatercolorgroup February challenge submissions. I’m still so far behind… I used some sneaky guerrilla tactics this week to catch up a bit:



Playing Catch-up! #Worldwatercolorgroup February Challenge

After a pretty long absence I’ve been begged by Mum and Dad to share some pictures, because they don’t have Facebook accounts and I’m too busy for email at the moment. It’s a fair request and I’m sure I have other friends as well who avoid the whole Social Media thing. So I’ve relented, and will try to post more regularly.

The hardest thing for me is feeling I don’t have time to write properly, and it’s been keeping me away… but the folks have been trying to convince me that it’s better to put up pictures without explanation than not to share at all. I’m not sure I can do that, so I’ve managed a few sentences.

So here’s what I’ve been up to recently – I’m trying to complete a painting a day throughout February for #worldwatercolorgroup on Facebook, but work is so so busy and as a result I’ve been playing catch-up since the very 1st day of February. It’s the 14th today and I’m still 5 days behind behind but, here you go Mum & Dad, here’s the first 9:


Life Drawing – Why a break now & then does you good

Life Drawing - Ruby (3)

Life Drawing – Ruby (1)

I have had an enormous reminder tonight at life drawing that sometimes you need to step away and do something completely different for a while…

My last blog post was about eight weeks ago, over half way through the World Watercolour Month Challenge in July (#worldwatercolormonth). I really loved the challenge and painted every day (just!), sharing progress on Facebook. But I didn’t find any time to write on my blog and I was panicking about work deadlines and other aspects of life that were falling behind.  I made sure I completed a painting every day, but work was increasing and I wasn’t really coping. I was often painting at midnight because I simply ran out of daytime.

I was frazzled by the end of July, and when I jumped on the plane to see my folks I had no idea what I had packed or whether I’d locked up the house properly! Not surprisingly, I didn’t paint much during August and haven’t picked up a pencil at all until tonight.

I confess, I was very lucky to score a couple of cancellation days of pure watercolour indulgence with Jean Haines on her August workshops. They were amazing, exciting, challenging and inspirational… but otherwise I didn’t do much at all.

Life Drawing - Ruby (2)

Life Drawing – Ruby (2)

I returned to Gypsy Sketch Club tonight with very low expectations. Happy just for a sketch, a piece of pizza and some great live music from Eddie the accordion player. I was nicely stunned when my drawings during the evening turned out better than anything I’ve done so far this year.

So, I heartily recommend the benefits of walking away from something you’re struggling with… just for a short while completely switch off and forget it. When you go back to it you can’t possibly expect very much of yourself… and so the pressure’s off!! You might just be surprised at what you can achieve!

Life Drawing - Ruby (1)

Life Drawing – Ruby (3)

Every Day in May Challenge – Magpie

Magpie (Watercolour)

Magpie (Watercolour)

My day job this week has seen my eyes and brain turning square!! It’s been a really heavy week of accounts and MYOB entry, trying to catch up with everything before Year end arrives, but I think I’m finally on top of the worst of it and looking forward to more time focusing on fun stuff.

Fortunately, I’ve still been finding time each day (or every couple of days) to keep up with the Every Day in May Challenge and a few days ago I painted this cheeky picture of a Magpie. It’s a subject I’ve fancied trying for quite a while and so I was pleased to see it listed for Day 16 of the challenge.

I’m extremely pleased how well he’s turned out, especially the ‘black’ areas… believe it or not they are the result of mixing just two colours together: Pthahlo Blue and a dark red which I think might be Perelyne Maroon – it’s so hard to remember when they’ve been on your palette for a while!

Many of the challenge pictures I’ve done so far have been quick and quite sketchy, but this one drew me in and I painted for far longer than I usually would in one sitting (or standing, to be exact)… time and the world just faded away for a while and it was a wonderful!