Playing Catch-up! #Worldwatercolorgroup February Challenge

After a pretty long absence I’ve been begged by Mum and Dad to share some pictures, because they don’t have Facebook accounts and I’m too busy for email at the moment. It’s a fair request and I’m sure I have other friends as well who avoid the whole Social Media thing. So I’ve relented, and will try to post more regularly.

The hardest thing for me is feeling I don’t have time to write properly, and it’s been keeping me away… but the folks have been trying to convince me that it’s better to put up pictures without explanation than not to share at all. I’m not sure I can do that, so I’ve managed a few sentences.

So here’s what I’ve been up to recently – I’m trying to complete a painting a day throughout February for #worldwatercolorgroup on Facebook, but work is so so busy and as a result I’ve been playing catch-up since the very 1st day of February. It’s the 14th today and I’m still 5 days behind behind but, here you go Mum & Dad, here’s the first 9:


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4 Responses to Playing Catch-up! #Worldwatercolorgroup February Challenge

  1. They’re all fabulous, but the bee gets my vote. You’ve really captured the motion and the life of the creature. Lovely work Kez….xxx

  2. Mum an Dad says:

    Thank you Kez, it’s great to see some of your work again, and we think they’re lovely. I think you deserve a “Distinction” for the “Bones”
    Please try to find the time to post the rest of February,(when you catch up) XX

    • Kerry says:

      I suspect I won’t get them all finished, but there’s another batch up now to take me over half way 🙂 xx