Aysha: For Chicken… Anything! (Watercolour)

Aysha: For Chicken... Anything! (Watercolour)

Aysha: For Chicken… Anything! (Watercolour)

I know I said we were out all day today, but I got up early to try and paint something for the hosts of the party, Bill & Wendy of Catherine Vale Wines, just to say thank you & Merry Christmas… two hours later I hadn’t finished & we had to run out of the door to get to the City.

So I just thought I’d share the half way stage… this is Bill and Wendy’s young black Labrador, Aysha, caught in a photo a few years ago just as Jim was teasing her with a juicy piece of chicken.

An important tip I learnt at my recent weekend (with Jean Haines – sorry to keep mentioning it…) was that loose paintings can still be saved when they go wrong. At one stage Aysha was not looking like a Lab at all, but after a small break and a fresh look I realised her snout was angled a bit too steeply from the eye to the end. I bet you can barely see where it was altered now… I think it’s still too long (a bit) but hopefully I can just darken the right place to add nostrils and leave the faint smudge above as a shadow.

Then there are a few other areas that need to be strengthened too, after which she might be ready to slip in the post, in time for Christmas 🙂 .

So Where’s My Dinner? – Flint Watercolour Sketch

Where's Dinner (Watercolour Sketch)

So, Where’s My Dinner? (Watercolour Sketch)

Three day’s full of work = no painting… Booo! Not good enough!

It’s been a hard end to the week, and it’s not over because I have six hours of training tomorrow as well, on a Saturday! (I ask you?). So when I got home this evening I just had to do something (after walking my bestest friend, Flint, in the dark) and decided to try a very quick watercolour sketch of a photo I took a few nights ago.

To set the scene, myself and Jim had cooked ourselves a couple of juicy pork chops and, in our best imitation of pack leaders, were eating before feeding Flint – he was going to get the best bits anyway and surely wouldn’t starve in the next ten minutes! But you should have seen the pose… it was entirely possible he was going to fall in a dead faint from lack of sustenance, and he managed to remember what puppy dog eyes were even at his grand age of nine.

So…. a ten minute watercolour speed sketch using only Burnt Sienna and Paynes Grey… and maybe a tiny bit of Gold Ochre. Great fun to do and good exercise. Something I should probably make a habit of…

Those Soulful Eyes… Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound (Graphite)

Irish Wolfhound (Graphite)

A trip to Wollongong to sit the gallery all afternoon yesterday turned into a great excuse to pick up sketchpad and graphite pencils and look for something wonderful to try from the photos on Paintmyphoto.

I browsed for ages, there is so much to choose from (all copyright free) and such amazing photos… I bookmarked half a dozen that I’d like to try and paint sometime – to add to the 50 or so I already have saved now, all to try later 😛

This is actually one I found a few weeks ago… a beautiful Irish Wolfhound, one of my favourite dogs of all time. The Wolfhounds I have been privileged to meet are the gentlest souls: loyal, affectionate and patient. I would love to own one someday except I’m not sure I’ll ever live anywhere big enough!

More Posies…

Orange Hawkweed (Watercolour)

Orange Hawkweed (Watercolour)

Dinathus 'Pinks' (Watercolour)

Dianthus ‘Pinks’ (Watercolour)

And another week spins by…. I’m just about to leave my parent’s house after a fabulous time catching up with all my family this weekend.

I found half an hour yesterday to paint a couple of flowers in Mum’s garden as I needed two cards to put on birthday presents for my small nieces. The first was actually the Orange Hawkweed and came out a little stilted. I love the colours though, and a touch of Cerulean Blue in the background has really made the orange pop. Apparently this pretty flower is an invasive weed – aren’t weeds just wildflowers that haven’t found a home yet? I’m afraid I love them.

The exercise of painting these obviously warmed me up nicely for the ‘pinks’ which I had less than 10 minutes to paint before we all went out for dinner. Time limits must agree with me as I think this is the best thing I’ve painted in months!

Clancy, Goofy Dog Pt. 4

Clancy - Goofing Around (Watercolour)

Clancy – Goofing Around (Watercolour)


Just thought I’d share the final changes to Clancy’s picture, scanned just before I took it to give to my friend for her birthday last week.

While I’ve been quiet online I’ve also been working on a picture for the Project Gallery member’s show which opens on Wednesday. The latest I can deliver it is Tuesday afternoon and it’s nowhere near finished. It’s also something way out of my comfort zone, all straight lines and hard edges of buildings and streets… it will have to improve a lot in the next day for me to be brave enough to share it with you, let alone hang it on the wall in a public exhibition 😛