Alpaca Sketch, continued

Alpaca Sketch in watercolour

Alpaca (Watercolour Sketch)

A very brief post tonight just to share stage two of the watercolour Alpaca sketch I started last week, or was it the week before… it’s much less sketchy now, having had a session of fiddling applied to it! Oh, and for latecomers, here’s stage one.

Surprisingly, I still quite like it despite the messiness, but it definitely still needs some work around the chin (or chins?)… and maybe his eyes are looking just a bit too shiny and glazed, like ball bearings 😛

Two Colour Alpaca Sketch

Alpaca (Watercolour Sketch)

Alpaca (Watercolour Sketch)

It’s great to reach the weekend again, but it’s also a reminder of how quickly time moves these days – another three days without a blog update, sorry! I would write about how time is speeding up as I get older, it seems however that everyone I know has the same problem regardless of their age. I probably just need to plan better 😛

Today I’m sharing the first first stage of a watercolour sketch I started this afternoon from a photo on Paintmyphoto by Linniekins. Only two colours so far, Raw Sienna and Ultramarine Blue – I love how they blend and separate on the paper to give so many shades of brown, grey and purple. At the moment the proportions of this Alpaca are looking a bit odd, but I think they are actually more or less correct. Hopefully when I get a bit more detail around the nostrils and add a background to frame the face it will look better.

Unfortunately I picked a scrap of paper that barely fits the young guy’s head so some of his curly mop-top has been chopped off. As a practise it’s promising though… I’ve been having trouble with eyes lately so it’s a nice to get some that have blended well and still managed to keep the highlight.

Funny Ostrich Head

Funny Ostrich Sketch (Watercolour)

Funny Ostrich Sketch (Watercolour)

It seems a long time since I picked up a brush, even though it was only 4 or 5 days ago. That’s what a weekend away can do…

Today was just a bit of fun to get the eye and hand working in mostly the same direction. It’s a fairly quick sketch from a photo on paintmyphoto by Sandy Scott, trying to concentrate on letting the water carry the paint to give soft fluffy edges, with some dry brush strokes here and there.

Some things worked, others not so well… for a simple shape it is deceptively hard to get right, demonstrating that I could do with some drawing practise as well!

Stopping Doing Stuff, and a not so Quick, Sketchy Kitty

Sketchy Kitty (Watercolour)

Sketchy Kitty (Watercolour)

Do you ever find yourself doing all the things you don’t really want to and avoiding the things you really do want to do, and not really understanding why? I think we probably all do this more often than we like to admit… and I’ve been doing it for the past three days or so.

Admittedly there was quite a lot of work to do on Monday, and a fair bit yesterday, but by then I was mostly in control and decided to spend more time today catching up on ‘My’ things. That turned out to be a few hours on the computer, an hour or two out and about looking for curtain fabric and then a frantic painting session (in artificial light) while the dinner was cooking – and then I slipped away for another hour after dinner to try and correct all the mistakes I’d made 😛

No wonder I feel frustrated and my painting is so patchy! The fact I have anything to show tonight is due to sheer determination and very forgiving paper (it’s worth getting the good stuff!) – I had to completely redo both eyes and even resorted to using opaque white for the highlights. I lost his chin though, I don’t think it can be saved…

I do love this little kitten though, so I will try again 🙂

Ponderings on Portraits, Scent of a Rose

Scent of a Rose (Graphite)

Scent of a Rose (Graphite)

I was chatting with my very good friend and artist, Moira, today about visiting the Archibald Prize Exhibition and it set me thinking – by the way, the Archibald is a well known prize for portraits of famous or talented people (‘distinguished in art, letters, science or politics’) held annually in Sydney.

Now, I would love to be able to paint portraits… recognisable, emotional, artistic portraits, actually I’ll settle for recognisable as a start… and I’m really looking forward to visiting the exhibition to see how the professionals do it. That being the case, and in view of my aim to practise often and follow my passion, my thoughts focused on wondering why I never (or rarely) try a portrait? How can I be so fascinated by them and yet constantly shy away from practising them so I might improve? Beats me!

So tonight when I got home from Wollongong (gallery sitting) I searched out a photo from you know where (paintmyphoto) and spent an hour doing just that. I used a harder graphite than I normally would (2B) which gave me much greater control and allowed me to get lighter shading. Apart from slightly misaligned eyes and the bit where I lost patience towards the end with her hand I’m very pleased with it 🙂 .