My name’s Kerry…

…I’m an aspiring artist

roses watercolourAs a child I learnt to draw by spending many days copying comics, Christmas cards, even china plates – anything at all really. I was lucky enough to study Art at college but didn’t realise it at the time, becoming a Cinema Manager soon after. I forgot how to hold a pencil, in fact it even became a bit of a phobia….

I never lost the urge though, & finally I’m finding my way back to it…..

Recently I studied Maya & now have my Diploma in Film (Animation). I enjoy 3D modelling & texturing, but I’ve also discovered digital painting – I was so excited by my first sketch (Barney) that I started tackling portraits too. A selection of these are in the gallery.

I’ve also begun to splash around in watercolour again and I’m learning Chinese painting alongside this to improve my technique and brush control.

Where’s it going to lead me?

At the moment I’m loving getting my skills up to scratch – I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that I can still draw, although the pencil occasionally has a mind of it’s own.

In time it would be great to be a successful artist, maybe even give up the rat race. It’s a great incentive to keep practising!


So, I hope you enjoy looking around my website and will contact me with any feedback you’d like to share:


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