Day 259: Grapevine Leaves

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Grapevine (Watercolour)

Grapevine (Watercolour)

I’ve realised that yesterday I forgot to mention my Mum and Dad have just arrived in Australia, visiting from the UK. It’s absolutely wonderful to see them after a couple of years, and the weather is being especially kind with sunny days and surprisingly hot temperatures 🙂

This afternoon I sat down to paint and was pleased that my Mum joined me. We were painting different subjects and therefore each had our own set of expletives – does anyone else curse when they’re painting? I know, that’s a really silly question!

Today I’ve added the new branches to support the leaves that are shooting on my grapevine. Mostly happy, however, I’d like to get the stem to stand out more from the trunk behind it… that’s something for me to work on later in the week 🙂 I also need to do a bit more with the leaves, I think.