Day 277: Howling Owls

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Horned Owl (Graphite)

Horned Owl (Graphite)

Today is one of those that I’d prefer disappear into oblivion as far as sharing progress goes. I knew it would be hard the moment we agreed to meet friends at lunchtime at the local German club, for our friend Craig’s birthday.

Several hours later we’re home but I still don’t have a plan… I did try to sketch my Dad and Jim, and my Mum, to a certain degree, but I’m just not quick enough, they kept moving…. I have no idea how people do live ┬áportraits at all!!

Anyway, as my last attempt I resorted to Paint my Photo and found an owl…. it’s not great (it’s not even good) ┬ábut the rest will have to wait for a more auspicious day!!