A Perfect Spot, Pt. 7

Snoozing (Watercolour)

Snoozing (Watercolour)

I thought I’d share this one with you again as it’s getting very close to finished, in my opinion.

I’ve spent some time deepening the darks in Flint’s fur so there’s now a better contrast… however, looking at a smaller version of the picture makes me realise they (the shadows) might need moulding a bit better around the shoulder and haunch area to preserve his shape.

I think there’s also some minor touching up to do here and there. For instance, I noticed that there needs to be more shadow under his armpit/belly area – it’s currently too bright and standing out too much, it really draws the eye to an area that should be receding… it’s more obvious if you click on the picture and see the large version. The railings look a bit flat too.

Have I said yet that I’m very happy how this is turning out? 🙂