Baby Robin Redbreast

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Baby Robin redbreast (Watercolour)

Baby Robin redbreast (Watercolour)

Along with everyone else, I’m starting to think about Christmas and of sending cards… and how I should be painting my own… so  this gorgeous baby Robin in watercolour was a playtime session a couple of days ago to see how that might go.

He turned out quite well, after a couple of sittings – the salt didn’t quite work, but it suits the painting anyway, and I spent some time redoing the eye and beak area. The original is much bigger, but I think he looks better at this size.

So, I think this weekend might see a few more Christmas card subjects evolve. It has to be then or never because they mostly need posting overseas and time is running out.

I started looking into painting groups this week as well. I got so much out of the workshops a couple of weeks ago that I’m determined to find some other people to paint with… However, I’m almost resigned to the possibility of starting a watercolour group myself as there just don’t seem to be any around. I am going to check out a group next week, but they’re mainly oil painters and I really don’t know how that will work out. Watch this space 🙂