Best Dress & Party Balloons, Pt. 2

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Best Dress & Party Balloons (Watercolour)

Best Dress & Party Balloons (Watercolour)


I think I’m on a roll! I’ve managed to paint almost every day this week and it feels wonderful ūüôā

Yesterday I only had half an hour free so I played around with the background a bit more and smoothed out some of the more noticeable brush strokes,¬†but today has been much more leisurely. I spent some time on the balloons and¬†I’ve also been trying to pick out the folds in the fabric, which is a very shear gauze on with¬†the¬†satin petticoat showing¬†through from underneath. It’s worked much better than I hoped so now I have to come up with a plan for the bodice – which is complicated crochet in a shiny thread!

As usual with figures and portraits I’m studiously avoiding the hair and face, so I’ll probably tackle the arms next, and maybe shoes… and then the hair will have to be attempted. As the face is slightly turned away and fairly small I’m hoping I can get away without doing anything much, especially once the hair goes in and frames it. At the moment that big expanse of pale paper¬†is very¬†noticeable.

This is lots of fun!