Day 109: Last of the Roses Pt. 2

Last of the Roses (Watercolour)

Last of the Roses (Watercolour)

While trying to be fast and loose with this painting I’m unfortunately becoming progressively fiddly and tight. It’s probably because I have a result in mind that I’m trying to recreate whereas last time it was all just experimentation.

Luckily, so far I haven’t achieved any really muddy colours while I’ve been adding and taking away, although they’re not as bright as they might be.

I was also interested to discover today that I couldn’t achieve the colours I needed with the palette I’ve been using in the past month or so and I found myself reaching for some that had been put aside, such as Hookers Green and Alizarin Crimson to make the lovely mixes for the leaves.

I’m looking forward to getting to the focal point of the rose, maybe tomorrow, and also wondering how much more I need to do with the background in the bottom left – obviously something, but maybe not too much :-).