Day 114: Bromeliads in the Border

Bromeliads (Watercolour)

Bromeliads (Watercolour)

Here’s the beginning of a colour study I started today of the Bromeliads in our garden – not all of them of course, just a few 🙂 I’m still puzzling how to render them properly and took a large number of photographs, none of which were perfect.

I also got eaten alive by mosquitoes and made a friend of a small hairy caterpillar that fell out of the mandarin tree and scared me out of my skin. I then sketched until I came up with this composition, which I’m still not sure about. But if I don’t just start somewhere I never will.

I’m a bit surprised and disappointed to find that at this stage I suffered an attack of impatience and having spent some time trying to work out where all the foliage might go (because guessing and making it up hasn’t worked previously) I was almost ready to give up for the day, without starting to  paint.

I did manage a few light washes, despite being fidgety, and hopefully without ruining it right at the start. I’ve sometimes felt like I haven’t been very challenging of myself, and maybe now I have something which is really going to make me think and work – providing I can stick at it that has to be a good thing!