Day 120: Bromeliads in the Border Pt. 4

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Bromeliads (Watercolour)

Bromeliads (Watercolour)

Another quite long and difficult session today but I think there’s been a breakthrough… I persevered with the leaves, in the same technique, and nearing the end realised that something different was needed. After a tiny bit of experimentation I settled on a dark earth colour mixed from the most common leaf green and the red I plan to use for the flowers.

This instantly improved the scene no end, and hopefully adding the flowers and some more leaf shading will save this one after all. One of my favourite painters, Jean Haines, often speaks of painting for the bin, but this really is harder than it sounds… even when you have this philosophy in mind it’s very, very difficult to make that decision and put a painting aside… I just want to make everything work, so I keep plugging away. Hopefully it will pay off again this time 🙂

(Oops, we had a bit of a technical hitch last night… it seems I forgot to hit ‘Post’. So this one’s running late, sorry!)