Day 138: Pink Hibiscus and Butterfly

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Pink Hibiscus (Watercolour)

Pink Hibiscus (Watercolour)

Of course, when I wrote yesterday’s post I had forgotten that today is Monday with Chinese Painting Class, and hence there will be no lemon update today. Instead I have the final instalment of the pink hibiscus.

If you recall, while practising on Thursday last week I was trying to remember how to paint the leaves based on a lesson of last year. Well, this afternoon I had the benefit of a couple of refresher demonstrations during class and the resulting painting shown here is much more confident, the leaf shapes are better and the graduation of the paint is much smoother too.

I do need more practice the butterfly though, it turned out a bit big and somewhat lopsided 😛 I also need to learn to keep my sleeve out of the paint – I’ve been having a particularly clumsy day today and you can see splashes and marks on the right hand side from my messiness… and I folded the corner of the page accidentally as well 🙂