Day 153: Face Painting, Part Two

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Fairy Face (Watercolour)

Fairy Face (Watercolour)

A few more layers this afternoon and the face is now starting to gain some depth – I’ve also changed the tones a little so it’s warmer too. In fact, I’d just found a good shade and applied some under the chin when the light failed me again and I decided to stop for the day. I think there still needs to be more contrast here and there to make her look more alive.

I’ve also tackled the hair today – I think it’s my first attempt ever at watercolour hair. Digital hair took me quite a long time to master when I first tried, and every time I go back to it I have to relearn and recover the process from the depths of my memory, so I’m not expecting this to come first time. Nevertheless, it was easier than the skin!

And I’m very happy with the lacy edge to the dress, which I just threw on without too much thought – isn’t it always the way :-).