Day 161: Digital Face Painting

Digital Face Painting (PS Touch)

Digital Face Painting (PS Touch)

I had hoped to do some watercolour painting today but time got away from me again and when I sat down at 4.45pm the heavens opened outside making the light in the kitchen impossible. It was dark by 5pm today. I’m really looking forward to Friday, the winter solstice, and slowly lengthening days again.

So, instead I was once again sitting on the sofa debating whether to sketch or try the tablet. As you can see the tablet won. I had a scan of the sketch I did last week and decided to try painting it digitally. If anything is going to help me get to grips with Photoshop Touch on the tablet this will… it’s a very slow process and takes concentration and patience. I’m afraid I didn’t have much of either this evening.

It’s also really hard to get the skin tones right, and then the moment I moved the picture off the tablet and onto my PC everything changed. I’ve actually toned this down a bit, as it was even more orangey and saturated to begin with. It’s obviously got a long way to go 😛

Tomorrow I think I have the whole day free so it’s watercolours, definitely!