Day 166: Scribbly dogs

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Dog Scribble (pencil)

Dog Scribble (pencil)

Today was a great day to remember how difficult drawing from life can be. There’s a saying about not working with pets or children, and I totally I agree – for at least today.

As I mentioned, I had to work today and then afterwards took Jim out for a birthday dinner. I knew it was going to be a push to get anything down today as I was out at lunch running around for last minute presents. I suspect I was being over confident to think I could dash something off when we got home… I might have got away with it too had I not chosen to sketch my beautiful dog.

Every time I started he looked me in the eye and repositioned himself, no joke… completely deliberate! I tried looking the other way, which is tricky when you’re drawing from life, to no avail. The slightest eye contact sent him spinning around in his beanbag. You can witness the results here, I admit I gave up quite quickly. Note to self, either work from photos or make sure your mutt is sound asleep before attempting a pet portrait!