Day 169: Another Pooch, Molly Moo

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Molly Moo (Pencil)

Molly Moo (Pencil)

Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments about Flint’s painting yesterday. I really enjoyed painting him, it was a great subject and I think it’s raised my game a bit… there’s a lot to be said for painting something that inspires you – it can be difficult because you have more invested in the result, but it also makes it much easier to throw yourself into it.

With that in mind tonight I’ve sketched my Sister in Law’s dog, Molly. At the time this photo was taken Molly was only a puppy, a fluffy white West Highland Terrier, and was playing in the snow – pretty tricky sketching a white dog in the snow… I’ve been meaning to paint her for ages as I’ve already done a digital sketch of Barney, their other pooch, but I think I’d convinced myself it was too hard.

It’s quite a nice sketch but I haven’t managed to capture the weather at all, and I’m really not sure it’s a good likeness even though it does look like a West Highland Terrier. Maybe it would be easier in paint 🙂