Day 170: Last Of The Kids Farm Sketches

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Bunny (Graphite Stick)

Bunny (Pencil)

We have come away for a late celebration of Jim’s birthday so I’m battling again with posting from my tablet. With all this technology it should be so easy, but it’s not. I think I’ve been trying for an hour so far just to upload the pic & type a few words…. but I’m getting there 🙂

I think this is the last sketch I can pull out of the photos I took of the petting zoo that was around at Easter. A cute little grey bunny that was also sharing the hay bale with the kid goat I sketched last. I’d have put them both together except they were sitting back to back about a foot apart.

Unfortunately I picked up the wrong pencil on my way out and it’s a bit too hard, but it’s not too bad regardless. Just lacking a bit of tonal variation.