Day 173: Did I Say We’d Had Some Rain?

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Mackey Park "Pond" (Watercolour)

Mackey Park “Pond” (Watercolour)

I may have mentioned once or twice that it’s been raining a lot recently… yesterday evening when we got back from Newcastle I took Flint for a walk down to the local playing fields and was greeted by an amazing sight – the beautiful sunset, the first in about two weeks, was reflected in a completely flooded soccer pitch. Flint had a whale of a time, charging around and splashing about, he got utterly soaked. If things go well I’ll add him in here too over the next few days.

So far I’ve enjoyed splashing some sunset colours into the sky and trying to create their reflections.I had a bold idea of a very loose painting, which hasn’t really worked. After three days sketching I found it really hard to not fiddle with the clouds which got thoroughly overworked, as did the pond. And, well, the trees…. they should be a disaster considering how much I mucked around with them, but it looks like I got a way with it and somehow managed to emphasise the waters edge instead.

Personally I think the colours in the water need to be stronger and a little darker, and there’s lots of ripples and the dog to add too. Good fun and good practice, and I can tell I haven’t been doing enough landscapes lately, I’ve forgotten how to paint clouds!