Day 163: Dogs Just Love Beaches…

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Flying Flint (Watercolour)

Flying Flint (Watercolour)

I was looking through my inspiration folder for something new to tackle today… being winter I don’t seem to be adding much new stuff at the moment, and the older stuff is mostly a bit uninspiring. However, there’s one or two things in there that I’d love to do but that scare me… they’re either really complicated or they’re subjects that mean too much and I’d hate to fail on.

Well, today I chose to try and tackle one of those… in a way it incorporates both those fears. This is a luckily snapped photo of my dog, Flint, in mid flight chasing after a stick on a beach in Shoalhaven (beautiful white sands, crystal blue sea). You can just make out the sketch & I’ve splashed in a first wash for the sea and sand.

I added some salt, to try and form the surf, but our house being cold and damp at the moment the salt didn’t dry quickly enough & the small waves became big rollers! I’m going to have to find a way to make that work :-). The sketch is great though and colours are working – I’m happy for this to be a bit experimental because I know that whatever happens I will try it again.