Day 194: Black Cap (in the Dark)

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Black Cap (Graphite)

Black Cap (Graphite)

When I chose to draw this little chap I thought he looked quite simple (still trying to squeeze my exercises into a 30 minute lunch break :-P), but I hadn’t bargained on the difficulty of fading into a totally black background and getting the shape right.

So, lunch came and went, I went back to work, and after our evening meal tonight I settled down for another hour or so – surely it shouldn’t take that long, it ought to be quicker by now especially for something that looks so unfinished…

I think for a start I need to sharpen my graphite stick, it’s becoming difficult to get a strong, dark fine line. I also need a darker one if I’m going to try and fill a whole background that’s darker than my subject.

Anyway, I’m happy again 🙂 It looks like it’s namesake, which was unlikely about an hour ago….