Day 195: Magnolia Blossom, Pt. 2

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Magnolia Blossom (Watercolour)

Magnolia Blossom (Watercolour)

Day two on these beautiful Magnolia blossoms and the piece is throwing up a few interesting issues…. one is simply that it’s a bit larger than usual and therefore it won’t fit on my scanner – I’m having to scan it twice and then patch it together in Photoshop.

The second is a bit more of a painterly problem: I’m working on a block of watercolour paper that I rediscovered in storage in our cellar last week. It was in a suitcase that was shipped over from England a couple of years ago, after being in storage in North Wales (in a warehouse) for ten years. Now, why I didn’t even consider this might be an issue is beyond me, but it’s easy to be wise after the fact.

Basically, I don’t think there is any sizing (the coating that stops the paint soaking in too quickly) left on the surface at all. It’s making it a very interesting process to paint as there’s only a very short window for moving paint around – even though it stays wet for a while the pigment stains the paper very quickly. So, that splodgy background wasn’t really supposed to be like that, and there’s nothing I can do to change it. The colours look slightly different too as they’re not sitting on the surface as much as my previous painting of magnolias…. none of these is a huge problem, just an interesting variation that’s producing unexpected results 🙂