Day 197: Magnolia Blossom, Pt. 3

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Magnolia Blossom (Watercolour)

Magnolia Blossom (Watercolour)

No time to chat tonight, I’ve just got in from watching The Hot Shoe Shuffle show in town (Lyric theatre, Sydney) and realised it’s a bit late for writing blogs! By the way, the show was great, lots of tap dancing and Fred Astaire type moves, cheesey story, girl gets guy, etc..

I had a revelation about this painting today, the reason the colours look different this time is because they are… I used a different pink last time – Quinachrodone Magenta, not Carmine as I have this time, no wonder I’m having problems making it work :-P.

The added branches have improved it somewhat, and maybe some of the right pink will help too, at the weekend… back to work tomorrow so will probably be sketching.