Day 198: Carnations

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Carnations (graphite)

Carnations (graphite)

Another long day and one not long enough evening… I had a good day at work today, fairly busy and so no time for sketching. It also over ran a bit and so I found myself at 7pm in the German Club wondering what I could sketch.

I had to smile to myself a bit as the subject right under my nose was a small vase of carnations. Accompanied, unfortunately, by the club’s attempt to liven up Friday nights with karaoke. I have to explain that this is a social club that only opens on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. It’s a place that’s somewhat stuck in the 1980’s and so the flowers and dodgy music went well together 🙂 I would reckon there was a grand total of about thirty people there, and only five got up to sing all evening.

I hope you can tell they are carnations, I actually got caught pinching them off another table just as a couple came to sit at it – their flowers were alive, while ours were just a bit limp. I think the only thing missing was prawn cocktail! You might wonder why we go there… well, they serve good German beer, it’s walking distance from home, and generally it’s a nice quiet place to ponder over the crossword and wind down – you could say it has it’s own particular charm :-).