Day 199: Playing with Crayons

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Single Magnolia (Watercolour Crayon)

Single Magnolia (Watercolour Crayon)

I’m afraid I sat down to paint a bit too late this afternoon, at about 4.45pm, and it got too dark too quickly – I had to give up almost immediately.

Sometime later, after dinner, I decided to have a play with another surprise I found in storage last week (the week before?), a big set of watercolour crayons. I’m not a big fan of crayons so I must have picked these up in a sale or something and they’ve never been used. I’ve found previous trials with water soluble pencils a bit disappointing so I wasn’t expecting much of a result.

More fool me…. I sketched all of the petals of this Magnolia blossom with three different pink crayons before fetching a cup of water and a medium size brush, which I then wet and pushed around into the crayon. It was both fun and reasonably successful :-). Obviously the colours aren’t all that subtle, but I like the effect. Especially the fact that I didn’t lose all the crayon marks. I also did this in my little sketchbook which is thin cartridge paper – I suspect the effect might be even better on watercolour paper with a bit more water splashed around.

Maybe next time I’ll get the flower square on the paper too 😉