Day 206: Watercolour Fox Doodle

Fox  Doodle (Watercolour)

Fox Doodle (Watercolour)

It’s been another jam packed day today with Pilates, dog walking & shopping, birthday parties, bedroom painting, etc. In between activities I’ve hovered by the kitchen table and dabbled at painting the fox sketch from a few days ago. I thought the dashing around might be an advantage as I never expected anything to come of it & therefore was less worried about what I was doing.

I started with the first eye just as I should have been leaving the house to attend Genevieve’s birthday party. Then I added the second eye five hours later while waiting for potatoes to microwave, prior to baking them. This grew into the nose as the steak cooked, and I added whiskers after eating dinner.

Individually the bits are better than expected, & I’m surprised that they almost fit together too – one eye is a bit high and not so sparkly, the nose slightly too long and should be a tiny bit more to the right… and I never made it to the ears. Definitely happy as a first go, though :-).