Day 211: Baby Bluetits

Baby Bluetits (Watercolour)

Baby Bluetits (Watercolour)

I’m still feeling the background is too bright, but it might look better when there’s more contrast on the birds… so today I began to build up the plumage of the Bluetits, working on them one by one.

I started by wetting the body area and dropping a mix of Naples & Lemon Yellow in, followed by some grey mixed out of Magenta, Pthalo Blue and Lemon Yellow. Then I added a little more Pthalo Blue in places.

I just had time to begin the back and wings of the first baby bird before the impending weather ruined the lighting for the day, and the heavens opened.

I think the results so far are very promising, and I’m excited to get back to it tomorrow and get some more colour on the next three birds. Hopefully with a shiny dark rail and a few key markings on the birds the background will become less of an issue.