Day 216: Fuchsia Fun

Fuchsia Sketch (Watercolour)

Fuchsia Sketch (Watercolour)

Rather than dive straight into another session with the Bluetits today, which I’d love to see finished, I decided to spend the first bit of time warming up.

As one of my favourite painters, Jean Haines, says you wouldn’t lift heavy weights without warming up first so why sprain a muscle trying to paint a masterpiece from a standing start… of course, I hardly ever remember this when I sit down to paint. It’s usually 30 minutes later when I’m cursing at the water and paint and my shaky hand!

Anyway, I had so much fun playing with pink that I didn’t make it to the Bluetits at all. Probably a good thing too…. I will try and finish it tomorrow, at least then I can get excited about something new 😛

I’m still a long way from the loose style that Jean Haines has, I’m just too unnerved to let the colour run everywhere. I’m really pleased with these though, they have a recognisable shape, and a bit of looseness, but they haven’t run all over the paper.