Day 218: Young Megan…

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Young Megan (Graphite)

Young Megan (Graphite)

I’m conscious that having finished work I haven’t picked up a pencil for a week. After I stopped, way back in my twenties, it took me a very long time to get comfortable with drawing again, so I’m determined not to get out of practice again.

This has taken about an hour and a a half to complete, mainly because I struggled to fit her eyes and nose into the ‘easy bits’ of the hat and outline of her face. I don’t know why those bits are so hard when I can draw the greater outlines of neck, cheeks, head/hair/hat with relative ease. Then I have a blank space in the middle that has to be just right – when I first put them in she looked about 5 years older. I believe that ageing your subject is a great skill to have in some professions :-P. A bit more touching up, erasing, tickling (wishing I had an undo button!) and I arrived here.

If you’re a member on Paint my Photo you an see the original here. Thanks to Lorna Winch for sharing this gorgeous photo of her Granddaughter 🙂