Day 224: The Trials of Eyesight

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Harvest Mouse (Graphite)

Harvest Mouse (Graphite)

I had a nice surprise earlier this week with an enquiry for a little bit more work… so I’ve been in the office today, manning the phones, and you know what that means :-).

The cricket also started today (last Ashes Test in England) and so I was in need of something to occupy me this evening anyway, therefore the pencil and paper came out.

I know I seem to say I struggle every time, but it’s getting worse and tonight I didn’t think I would finish this. Maybe I need new glasses, or I’m just not practising enough. Again, it got there in the end, but it took longer than ever – I think I started at 8.30pm and it’s now after 11pm, I’d be no good on piece rate! I think I need a sharper graphite pencil, a sharper eraser, and sharper eyesight – or I could get a bigger sketch pad :-P.