Day 227: Watercolour Warm Ups and Finding Roses

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Loose Roses (Watercolour)

Loose Roses (Watercolour)

As a complete departure from my recent stuff I decided to go back to loose and messy today, trying to recapture the roses I attempted earlier in the week, but with less structure and control. They’re more an impression than a copy.

I think I’ve been getting frustrated recently that while my results are good, i.e. they generally depict what’s in front of me, they don’t end up looking as I’d like them to – I have an idea in my head, a style that I really admire, and yet I can’t manage to capture it.

I’ve been thinking about this during the week and realised that I always sit down to paint a finished picture, something I’m happy to share. I’m not prepared to experiment in case I have to share something I’m not pleased with. Funnily enough, it’s resulted in me being even more dissatisfied in the things I do produce!

Obviously my unconscious tendency is to follow techniques that I know have worked before. What I need is a ‘safe’ method of developing my skills and I think what I’m missing is ‘Warm Up’ exercises, either before or instead of my normal practice. As Jean Haines describes them, pieces that are intended solely for the bin.

So here’s one for today, and to pick out some positives from it: I love where the Alizarin Crimson has blended with the green of the leaves. Also, it was good to find out that this red & yellow mix lifted out again quite easily even after they’ve dried. And, while they don’t look too much like roses I still like the general composition :-).