Day 237: The Sneaky Bluebells That Almost got Pulled!

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Bluebells (Watercolour)

Bluebells (Watercolour)

Last spring I had a few surprises with our front garden – well it’s less of a garden, more of a small plot – when freesias started popping up here and there. This year I’ve avoided weeding in case I pull them up before they flower because they’re so hard to identify just from their untidy foliage.

There are a few other plants showing through that I was sure were weeds… we get something the locals call Wild Garlic which is impossible to get rid of. I was actually planning to weed at the weekend, except I was whisked away and missed the opportunity (shame!).

Now I’m very pleased on two counts: firstly it was a lovely break, but more relevant to today’s painting I now have two clumps of fresh Bluebells bursting into flower – such a lovely surprise!

This study was begun as a painting for the bin, but I decided to keep going with it anyway. Mostly it’s a bit of a mess, but I had half an hour when a few things fell into place – the flowers on the left came out well and I like how some of the leaves worked, although I wish I had mixed up more paint for the background rather than pressing on and mixing on the fly.