Day 250: Kaffir Lily, 2nd Attempt

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Kaffir Lily (Watercolour)

Kaffir Lily (Watercolour)

True to my word I had another attempt at the Kaffir Lily today, with very different results as you can see! There’s still no background – I actually started painting with the aim of just practising some brush strokes so I didn’t expect to end up with such a complete study.

I’m definitely much happier with today’s painting. The orange is truer to the original colour and the flower heads are a better shape, I think with a little more detail they could look quite good. While I’d like to add a background I have no idea what colour, or how to do so – in real life it’s all just a dark green mass of leaves, but I don’t think I could manage that without ruining what’s there…

So, what did I do differently today to achieve such an improved result? Mostly I just took my time and worked steadily from one flower head to the next trying not to feel the pressure of the clock. The leaves were added after the flowers had more or less dried, so there was less chance of them running together. Also, I don’t know why I didn’t work this out earlier, but I managed to get the darker green by adding Indigo to Sap Green.