Day 256: Grapevine, growing slowly…

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New Shoots (Watercolour)

New Shoots (Watercolour)

Another busy day today, mostly sociable fun things though so no complaints, however I’m still trying to get the spare room ready for Mum & Dads visit too and I’m running out of time…

After I’d stopped for the day I dabbled a bit more with the study of new shoots on our grapevine. It’s quite a departure from what I’m used too as I’ve continued with the exaggerated colours from the first wash. So it’s not a realistic rendering, but I like it all the same.

Today I’ve softened some of the hard edges that occurred a few days ago and added more shading to create an impression of roundness. I’ve just noticed that my leaves are going to be difficult to join to a branch as I’ve painted the trunk all the way around them – but that’s a problem for another day 🙂