Day 261: Trees in the Snow

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Trees in Snow (Watercolour)

Trees in Snow (Watercolour)

I was wondering what I might do as practice this evening… here’s some sort of an explanation of how I came to choose snowy trees.

Today I took my parents to see the current exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery.They’re showing a collection of works called ‘Sydney Moderns’ which includes lots of works from well known Sydney artists from the early 20th century.

I loved lots of it, especially landscapes such as Berry Bay – the scenery was so undeveloped even though it wasn’t really that long ago. So… when we got home I began flipping through a couple of books Dad brought over for me by Ron Ranson, an English artist with a very loose style, and I found myself looking at more landscapes. Therefore I chose this exercise to try out.

I haven’t painted anything like this for about 20 years, so it was quite a challenge, especially handling a large hake brush and controlling the water. However, it did mostly come out like the original and was fun to do, so I may try some more.