Day 263:First Rose of the Year

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1st Rose (Watercolour)

1st Rose (Watercolour)

Due to the amazing weather we’ve been having this Spring our first rose of the year blossomed this week. Unfortunately it was 30 degrees yesterday with a strong wind off the desert (1000’s of km’s away) and the stem broke. The poor thing looked almost dessicated and very wind-blown when we found it, but a glass of water brought it back to life and I decided to try and capture it before it was too late.

I took the easy way out and tried painting it petal by petal rather than something more spontaneous… There are so many petals I might have gone silly trying to work out which one I was painting if I hadn’t been so organised. I got most of them in before dinner was ready, and next there’s some sculpting to do to get shadows in the right places.

Must also just say “sorry” to my Nephews… I didn’t continue with the Eagle picture today. To be honest I did try, but it wasn’t working so I put it away for today rather than break it. I promise I’ll do some more later when I’m not so tired and can concentrate properly, as it deserves.