Day 275: Private Guitar Recital

Private Recital (Graphite)

Private Guitar Recital (Graphite)

Yesterday my Asus tablet refused to wake up, so I painted Snapdragons from life… today it is still dead, no lights, sounds or other indications of electrical life. I’m in shock I think, or denial, otherwise I would be devastated. It’s only just a year old, just out of guarantee (of course), how can it die? With all my photos on as well…..

So today I needed inspiration and had to look for new sources (no searching the tablet for photos!). Luckily, Dad was willing to sit relatively still for me while I sketched (no pun intended), mind you practising guitar does not count as still, as I found out!

I started by trying to place the guitar correctly, assuming it wouldn’t move much and that I would have a reference point to work from, but I couldn’t get the shape right. So I started on his jumper instead and worked away (up & down) from there. There were lots of pauses while Dad eased stiffness and sipped from his glass of red wine – you have to look after your models ;-).

I’m fantastically pleased with the results…. despite remembering that I’ve always hated life drawing and also sketching the most unplayable guitar in history I’m amazed how well it turned out – it definitely looks like Dad.