Day 276: Practising Mixing Greens

Mixing Greens (Watercolour)

Mixing Greens (Watercolour)

This afternoon’s practise started with Mum reading a passage out of Ron Ranson’s ‘Big Brush’ Watercolour Book – it was all about mixing greens from scratch. ¬†We both agreed this would be a great exercise to try out.

Therefore we sat down with similar pieces of paper and the same range of paints to try out his ideas and theories about mixing paint to create greens. You can see my results above, we used: Ultramarine Blue, Raw Sienna, Lemon Yellow and Payne’s Grey. They really do give a wide range of shades.

Mum's Greens (Watercolour)

Mum’s Greens (Watercolour)

Despite following the same passage in the book we both came out with very different results, Mum’s page is posted below (or to the side, depending how the page builds). She has much better greens than me in my opinion. Mind you, I’m happy with the looseness of my colours, I can almost imagine where they might work, especially the broken patches.