Day 287: Too Hot for Dogs

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Attention (Graphite)

Attention (Graphite)

It has been a scorcher today…. I think it reached 39°C with a hot wind blowing out of the West again. Those poor fire fighters really need a break, if only it would rain.

I did try and do some more to Julie’s Prezzie, the portrait of Arthur, but it was so hot the paint was drying instantly. I managed to try out a few swatches with various glazes over the background colour (which was Permanent Rose), but even they dried blotchy at only 1 cm square. I decided it would be best to wait for a cooler day.

Instead I went back to graphite, old faithful, good in any weather! Thanks to PaintMyPhoto and photographer Janina Suuronen I found one of my oldest favourite subjects – I was always drawing horses as a child, I had ambitions then of owning one too, but then I grew up… I’m glad at least that some of that sketching practice stuck!