Day 291: Welcome Garden Visitor

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Kookie (Graphite)

Kookie (Graphite)

Since moving to our new house I’ve been amazed by all the new birds we’ve discovered in our garden. We’re only a few miles from where we used to live but it’s obviously a completely different habitat – our old place was much more built up and we mostly saw pigeons and myna birds.

Now we get Rainbow Lorikeets, Bull Bulls, Wagtails, Wrens, and easily my favourite, Kookaburras which come to nest in a nearby gum tree every year. Over the past couple of weeks they’ve given us a wonderful display with three of them flying backwards and forwards across the gardens. Today one sat on next-door-but-one’s Hills Hoist (washing line) for 20 minutes while I chatted to Yvonne, my neighbour.

So my picture today is from a photo that Mum took last week… she was trying to hang out washing and the kookaburras were flying backwards and forwards. This guy sat nicely and had lots of photos taken in in our garden.