Day 298: Bushlike Landscape, Pt. 2

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Sandstone Slopes (Watercolour)

Sandstone Slopes (Watercolour)

Today has been a headache of hope and experimentation, a bit of disappointment, and a certain amount of success (or resignation!)… and the painting has progressed a bit too.

All the lovely foreground washes of yesterday have been lost under messy, overworked grasses but I finally found some brushstrokes that worked quite well, and also discovered that I could scrape out stalks with a fingernail too. I also discovered that colour lifts very well from this paper after I painted the closest tree and then decided I didn’t like it, so I took out the bottom inch to push it further back. Once repainted you’ll never know there was a black trunk there at all.

In conclusion for today, I’m not overwhelmed with the results and I’m disappointed with some of what’s been lost, however I’ve learned a lot (if I can just remember it!) and I’m still looking forward to lifting out the tree trunk highlights and seeing how that works. It’s not over yet :-).