Day 307: Hasty Sketch, Winswept

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Windswept (Graphite)

Windswept (Graphite)

Firstly, apologies for today’s very quick, rather sketchy, sketch… it has been an interesting day, starting with a message before I got up from a friend I was supposed to be sitting down to breakfast with – I forgot!! So the day started with a jolt and a dash to meet her.

And it ended with a train ride down the coast to Wollongong for the AGM of Project Contemporary Art Gallery, of which I’m a member and have begun to take an interest in during this year… and as of tonight I am now also a Committee member! Unexpectedly, I got nominated… I hope I can be a useful addition :-).

Tonights sketch was completed on the train home, which I’m afraid was a bit bumpy… something I may have to get used to if I’m travelling to meetings regularly.