Day 309: Paddle Plant, Pt. 4

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Paddle Plant (Watercolour)

Paddle Plant (Watercolour)

Whilst things didn’t really go as planned today I was lucky that some of my rescue attempts worked. The leaves are all finally in and I began to think about the ground; the stony area around the pot to be specific, and the trunks under the hedge.

Starting with the distance I tried to put some shade under the hedge while suggesting a border at the same time, but it didn’t quite work out. Failing that I decided to flood the whole courtyard area with a pale grey and add grains of salt to create a mottled background to build on – this worked better except where I’d already made a mess under the hedge. I’m not sure what I can do to retrieve said mess, but after taking a break I decided that the whole composition might look better if it was zoomed right in.

I could then forget the hedge and stony courtyard and simply concentrate on a close up of the succulent leaves… Providing the next day or so doesn’t turn me off this plant forever that might be my next approach 🙂