Day 310: Service Resumed!! It’s Good to be Back :-)

Banksia Flower (Watercolour)

Banksia Flower (Watercolour)

We’re back! And I hope you have some time on your hands because we have got some catching up to do! So, go and get yourself a coffee (or wine) and settle down while I quickly run through the past three days of “limbo without a website” and get back up to date. For the sake of continuity I’m still going to split it into separate posts, partly because I’m pedantic and also because I’ll loose count of the days if I don’t :-).

It all began on Friday when I sat down to write and found I couldn’t log on, and nor was the website running for anyone else (of course you’ll have noticed that). Research followed and then a support email to my web host – apparently it was a problem at their end and nothing I could do about it. So I toddled off to bed expecting everything to be back to normal on Saturday.

Disappointment followed, and then frustration… no support and no communication. Two days of calls and emails until I received a response today and finally some results. It’s so good to be back and find everything just as I left it :-).

Back to painting… Friday (as far as I can remember) was a great painting day – here’s the beginnings of a Banksia flower, done all in one sitting. I’m particularly happy with the way the bottom left corner is looking like spiny foliage and I’m looking forward to getting into details.