Day 313: (T)raining Still… Monday and Up to Date

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Training (Graphite)

Training (Graphite)

Just had time before going out this evening for one more sketch to bring me up to date, as I effectively missed yesterday due to painting over it today 🙂

I know I keep saying it, but I find sketching really hard when I haven’t done any for a while… the eye and nose on this guy were particularly difficult to get right today and I found myself thinking about this while I was sitting on the train into town.

When I draw often enough my mind slips into a different mode: it’s hard to explain but I look at a feature and literally draw it in three dimensions…. in my mind the marks are being placed along the plane of the surface I’m sketching, pushing deeper into the paper as if it wasn’t flat at all. In actual fact this means the eye, for instance, gets modelled around the imaginary shape of the head and my drawing of it becomes skewed, rather than a flat eye shape as it would be when seen in plan – which is how a child might imagine an eye should look.

I’m probably not explaining this at all well…. anyway, it’s a strange feeling when it happens and possibly owes something to the training I had a few years ago in Computer 3D modelling. I think I now understand why it’s recommended to practise sculpture if you want to be good at figure drawing and portraits.