Day 316: Turkmenian Eagle Owl, Pt. 3

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Turkmenian Eagle Owl (Watercolour)

Turkmenian Eagle Owl (Watercolour)

I’m afraid my website has been playing games again and disappeared for a few hours yesterday, just when I wanted to write, but it’s a new day and everything’s working again 🙂

I’m quite excited to share this one with you, it was disappointing to have to wait last night…. I was looking for something to inspire me yesterday when I rediscovered my painting of the Turkmenian Owl, started about a month. ago. I had put it aside because I knew it wasn’t finished but I just couldn’t see where to go next.

Well, it’s amazing what a break can do, and all it needed was a few shadows, a darker background and some detail on the feathers… oh, and some nice shiny talons 🙂