Day 320: Wisteria, Chinese Spontaneous Style

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Wisteria (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

Wisteria (Chinese Spontaneous Style)

Sorry, this is going to be a super quick, very short post today as I have to catch a train in twenty minutes 🙂

Here is the result of today’s Chinese painting class, second last of this term… I can’t believe it’s gone so fast! We are tackling the subject of Wisteria, another Springtime subject and one of my favourite blossoms.

As usual the photo has turned out much better than the actual painting, which I’m generally pleased with but needs some practice. You may not be able to see, but my paint was much drier than it ought to be and so the buds look like they were scraped on rather than painted, lots of brushmarks. A good first attempt though 🙂

Gotta go now…..