Day 322: Puddles, Pt. 3

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Puddles (Watercolour)

Puddles (Watercolour)

Every time I walk past my practice area I glance at this picture and wonder how I’m going to manage the reflections… this afternoon I just decided to dive in and see where it went, as soon as I’d painted the last tree trunk that is.

It wasn’t a pretty session, it’s hard to paint with your shoulders painfully glued to your ears. As a result the tree worked out OK but the reflections are horrible – I couldn’t get the colours right and the middle one is both the wrong shape and the wrong angle. I haven’t given up yet though, I think there’s still a lot of detail to add that will distract the attention. Also, the water where it’s in shadow should be a darker brown-green rather than blue, so that will add more depth to those areas.

And then there’s lots more contrast and detail to add to the foreground areas and the edges of the water pools. I just wish I didn’t feel like throwing it in the bin and starting again 😛