Day 325: Mosquito Heaven (or sketching in the garden!)

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Agapanthus Flower (Graphite)

Agapanthus Flower (Graphite)

After yesterday I was determined to some sketching today, and the weather turned out to be much more suitable with sunshine this afternoon. So I settled myself down on the garden path, leaning against the pole of the rotary clothes line and tried concentrate on sketching an Agapanthus flower.

No sooner had a started than clouds of mosquitoes flocked to see what was on offer for their tea! I hastily retreated inside to find insect repellent before venturing out to try again… this time Flint decided that being on his level I was there to play with him and brought me a toy to throw.

He actually gave up quite quickly when I totally ignored him, however the mosquitoes were a different matter and didn’t seem at all bothered that I stank of Aerogard. It turned out to be a speed sketch… I think I managed about 20 minutes before the bites began to drive me mad and I had to come inside.